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Vision For The HDC Area



At the November 2007 monthly meeting it was decided to develop a "vision" for how the HDC area should develop. A working group was formed and as this group progresses information will be posed on this page.

In December 2012 the vision statement was revised due to changes in the Prairie Line Trail project. The UWT had purchased up the right of way within their footprint and work on this segment was due to take place in 2013. Sound Transit did not include a trail extension from the end of Hood Street up the gulch to M Street. Instead it was decided to connect the Water Ditch Trail using South C Street. This changes the flow of pedestrians and bicycles in such a manner that South C Street most likely will be the preferred route rather than the old BNSF right of way between South 21st and 25th Streets. At this time HDC felt that protecting access to properties abutting the BNSF right of way was the most important component of any development along this four block stretch.



HDC Vision (v2 - 12/13/12)

Comments To The Planning Committee (Re: Proposed downtown plan update)

Working Documents


HDC Boundaries

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